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Betaine Anhydrous

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Betaine Anhydrous CAS 107-43-7 is any neutral chemical compound with a positively charged cationic functional group such as a quaternary ammonium or phosphonium cation (generally: onium ions) which bears no hydrogen atom and with a negatively charged functional group such as a carboxylate group which may not be adjacent to the cationic site. A betaine thus may be a specific type of zwitterion. Historically the term was reserved for TMG (trimethylglycine) only. Biologically, betaine is involved in methylation reactions and detoxification ofhomocysteine.



Characteristics                        White or slightly yellow crystal         White or slightly yellow crystal

Assay, %                                 96.0 min                                           98.0  min
Heavy metals (Pb), ppm          10.0 max                                          10.0 Max
As, ppm                                   2.0 max                                            2.0 max
Residue on Ignition, %            1.5 max                                            0.5 max



1) Betaine Anhydrous improves the amplification of DNA by reducing the formation of secondary structure in GC-rich regions. 

2) Betaine Anhydrous enhance the specificity of the polymerase chain reaction by eliminating the base pair composition dependence of DNA melting.


25kg bag packing, 16mt/20’’container without pallet, 15mt/20’’container with 20pallet
25kg fiber drum packing, 12mt/20’’container without pallet, 9mt/20’’container with 20pallet


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