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Creatine powder (monohydrate & Anhydrous)
  • CAS No.:

    57-00-1 6020-87-7
  • Molecular Formula:

  • Quality Standard:

    Food FCC, Pharma USP BP
  • Packing:

    25kg/bag or carton
  • Mininmum Order:


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The chemical name for Creatine is methyl guanidine-acetic acid. Creatine is a natural substance found in our muscle cells, especially around the skeletal muscle (about 95% of the body's creatine supply) with the remaining 5% stored in other parts of the body. Creatine is a metabolite produced in the body which mainly consists of three amino acids - methionine, arginine, and glycine.


Creatine is white crystal or powder, slightly soluble in water, insoluble in ethanol. It divides into Creatine monohydrate CAS 6020-87-7 and Creatine anhydrous CAS 57-00-1.



Assay (on dried substance)   99.50% Min.

Loss on drying                     12.00% Max.

Ignition residue                    0.10% Max.
Heavy metals (as Pb)           0.001% Max.
Creatinine                           80ppm
Dicyandiamide                     20ppm Max
Dihydrotriazines                   Negative
Cadmium                            Negative
Mercury                              1ppm Max

As                                      1ppm Max
Total Plate Count                 10cfu/gm Max
E. Coli & Salmonella             Negative

Yeast & Mould                     Negative



Creatine monohydrate is a dietary supplement that athletes and many bodybuilders use to increase high intensity exercise performance, increase strength, have fuller looking muscles, increase body mass and have faster post workout muscle recovery.
1) Food additive
2) Cosmetics surfactants
3) Nutrition enhancer
4) Pharmaceutical ingredient
5) Health product



25kg/carton or fiber drum

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      Creatine powder (monohydrate & Anhydrous)
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