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Tall oil fatty acid
Tall oil fatty acid TOFA CAS 61790-12-3

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Tall oil fatty acid (CAS 61790-12-3) is light yellow liquid, used for making oilfield chemicals and ore flotation agent.Also used in the production of coatings using dimer fatty acid and melamine.

Specificaton of Tall oil fatty acid
Acid value                      ≥192 mgKOH/g
Fatty Fatty acid              ≥94%
Rosin                             ≤3%
Unsaponifiable matter    ≤2%

Color (Gardner)              ≤8

TNJ offers a very pure fatty acid with a low level of rosin acids and a low level of unsaponifiables, which make it an ideal raw material for many chemical reactions and intermediates.

Application of Tall oil fatty acid

Tall oil fatty acids are used in dimer acids, alkyd resins, oilfield chemicals, metalworking fluids, liquid cleaners, textile chemicals, fuel additives, construction chemicals, rubber and tire, metallic stabilizers, ore flotation, and fatty derivatives.


180kg/plastic drum

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      Tall oil fatty acid TOFA CAS 61790-12-3
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