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Phenolphthalein CAS 77-09-8
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    USP26 EP8.0 BP2014
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Buy Phenolphthalein CAS 77-09-8, a chemical intermediate from TNJ Chemical, China leading Phenolphthalein CAS 77-09-8 suppliers, factory & manufacturers. If you want to buy Phenolphthalein CAS 77-09-8, please mail to sales@tnjchem.com

English name: Phenolphthalein

Chemical formula: C20H14O4

Molecular weight: 318.32

CAS: 77-09-8

EINECS: 201-004-7

Physical properties

Appearance:       white powder

Melting point:     258-263 ℃

Boiling point:      548.7 ℃ at 760 MMHG

Water solubility:  < 0.1 g / 100mL

Tightness:          1.323 g/cm3

Flash point:        299.7 ℃

Should be used:  ph indicator


(1) pharmaceutical industry pharmaceutical raw materials: medicine laxatives, can stimulate the intestine wall, cause the crawling of the intestine to promote defecation. It is suitable for the habitual obstinate constipation, the various dosage forms such as tablet, suppository, etc.

(2) used for organic synthesis is mainly used in synthetic plastics, especially the synthesis of dinitrogen miscellaneous naphthalene poly (aryl ether ketone ketone polymer poly (aryl ether ketone, this kind of polymer because it has excellent heat resistance, water resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, heat aging resistance and good processing formability, fiber, coating and made of the composite materials is widely applied in many areas, such as electronic appliances, mechanical equipment, transportation, aerospace, nuclear engineering and military and other fields;

(3) it is used for alkali indicator, non-aqueous titration of indicator, color layer analysis with reagent.


25kg/fiber drum, 9000kg/20"FCL

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      Phenolphthalein CAS 77-09-8
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