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Omeprazole Sodium CAS 95510-70-6
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    CP2015 l EP9.0
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Buy Omeprazole Sodium CAS 95510-70-6, a chemical intermediate for Omeprazole Sodium from TNJ Chemical, China leading Omeprazole Sodium suppliers, factory & manufacturers. If you want to buy Omeprazole Sodium, please mail to sales@tnjchem.com

Physical Information

Appearance                     White or almost white hygroscopic powder

Density, g/cm3                   1.37

Boiling point, ℃              600

Flash point, ℃                         316.7         

Solubility                                Freely soluble in water and in etghanol (96%), soluble in propylene glycol, 

                                        very slightly soluble in methylene chloride


Items                                Specification

Appearance                      White or almost white hygroscopic powder

Appearance of solution   Clear and no more intensely colored than reference solution B6

PH                                   10.30 ~ 11.30

Related substances, %   Impurity D≤0.15

                                  Impurity E≤0.15

                                  Any unspecified impurity≤0.10

                                  Total impurities≤0.50

Water, %                           4.50 ~ 10.00

Residual solvent, %           Methanol≤0.30


                                  Ethyl acetate≤0.50


                                  Methylene chloride≤0.06

Bacterial endotoxin, EU/mg   <1.00

Microbial limits, cfu/g           Total aerobic microbial count≤500

                                  Total moulds & yeasts count≤50

                                  Escherichia coli: absent

Assay (Anhydrous), %  98.00 ~ 101.00


Omeprazole Sodium mainly used for peptic ulcer bleeding, anastomotic ulcer bleeding.Acute gastric mucosal injury complicated by stress and acute gastric mucosal injury caused by nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.


10kg per fiber drum

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      Omeprazole Sodium CAS 95510-70-6
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