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Manganese gluconate
Manganese gluconate CAS 6485-39-8

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Manganese gluconate CAS 6485-39-8 is light pink powder, soluble in hot water, insoluble in ethanol.


Appearance                               Light pink powder
Water,                                          6.0~9.0
Chloride,%                                      ≤ 0.05
Sulfate,%                                       ≤0.2
Lead,%                                           ≤0.001
Heavy me                                       ≤0.002
Assay,%                                    98.0~102.0
Reducing substances,%                   ≤1.0

Can be used as a nutritional enhancer, nutritional supplement (manganese enhancer).


25kg per fiber drum ,9mt per 20ft container, 

25kg per bag, 23mt per container without pallet,20mt per container with pallet.

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      Manganese gluconate CAS 6485-39-8
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