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Gibberellic acid

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Gibberellic Acid CAS 77-06-5 is a a pentacyclic diterpene acid. Gibberellic Acid is a hormone that is found in plants which promotes the growth and elongation of cells. Gibberellic acid acts as a plant growth reg ulator on account of its physiological and morphological effects in extremely low concentrations. Generally Gibberellic acid affects only the plant parts above the soil surface. Gibberellic acid is slightly soluble in water. 

Specification (CP Standard)

Appearance                               White to pale yellow crystal powder

Melting point                             227
Water solubility                         5.0g/ml
Content of Gebberellic(A3)         ≥90.0%
Loss on drying (K.F.)                 ≤0.5 %
Specific optical rotation [α]20D   ≥+80


Gibberellic acid is the growth adjustment of plant, it is used to improve the growth, prematurity and output of plant. It can break the dormancy of seed, tuber and bulb, and improve burgeon, growth and fruit rate. Especially, it has very good effect on crossbred rice. It is widely used on cotton, grape, tomato, fruit and vegetable.

- To regulate blossom of plants.
- To delay senscence and keep fresh of fruits;
- To promote growth of the vetative massin plants;
- To promote spouting of seedsby breaking dormancy;
- To promote fruit set and the formation of seedless fruits;


25kg/fiber drum


Gibberellic acid is safe to human and livestocks. The acute oral dosage to mice( LD50 ) > 15000m

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