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Cobalt Gluconate
Cobalt Gluconate CAS 71957-08-9

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Cobalt Gluconate (CAS 71957-08-9) is rosy pink or pinkish red crystalline or granular powder,soluble in water,freely soluble in boiling water.



Appearance                                     Pinkish red crystalline or granular powder

Content(calculation on dry basis),%    98.0~102.0
Moisture,%                                        3.0~12.0
Identification                                     Meets the requirements
Heavy metal,%                                 ≤ 0.004
Reductive material,%                        ≤ 1.0
Arsenic,ppm                                     ≤ 3.0
Lead,%                                            ≤ 0.001
Chlorides,%                                      ≤ 0.07
Sulfates,%                                       ≤ 0.05



Cobalt enhancer is additives in food industry and chemical raw material, also used as nutritional supplement.


25kg fiber drum

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      Cobalt Gluconate CAS 71957-08-9
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