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Carbomer 940

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Carbomer 940 CAS 9003-01-4 is a cross-linked polyacrylate polymer used in personal care gels and creams as a high-efficient rheology modifier. It is capable of providing high viscosity, excellent thickening and suspending performance with low-dosage. Its short flow (non-drip) properties are ideal for applications such as clear gels, hydroalcoholic gels, creams. When neutralized by alkali it forms sparkling clear water or hydroalcoholic gels and creams.


Features and Benefits

- Short flow properties

- High viscosity
- High suspending, thickening and stabilizing ability
- High clarity

Recommended application
- Hair styling gels
- Hydroalcoholic gels
- Moisturizing gels
- Bath gels
- Hand, body and face lotions
- Creams

Formula Guidelines

Typical recommended dosage at 0.2-1.0 wt %.

To disperse Carbomer940 completely, it should be slowly and carefully sprinkled to dispersion medium while the mix is stirred rapidly to avoid formation of lumps; extremely high shear rate mixer should be carefully employed to avoid viscosity loss.

The ideal viscosity can be achieved at pH ranges of 5.0~10.0 when neutralized; In a hydoalcoholic system, a correct neutralizer must be chosen carefully based on the amount of alcohol to be gelled.
After neutralization, high-shear and lasting stirring should be avoided to keep stable thickening ability.


Appearance                                  Fluffy, White powder

Viscosity (20r/min,25℃, mpa.s)     19000-35000(0.2% aq solution); 40000-70000(0.5% aq solution)
Solution Clarity (420nm,%)           ≥85 (0.2% aq solution); ≥85(0.5% aq solution)
Heavy metals(mg/kg)                   ≤10
Packing density(g/100ml)             19.5-23.5
Loss on drying (%)                       ≤2.0
Residual Acrylic acid (%)              ≤0.25
Residual Benzene(%)                   ≤0.50


20kg cardboard box with PE lining,5500kg per 20GP container


Keep tightly closed in cool, dry and well-ventilated area.
Shelf Life: 24 months


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