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2-Imidazolidone CAS 120-93-4
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Part Name: Ethyleneurea

CAS No:  120-93-4

M.F:  C3H6N2O



Appearance                         White crystalline powder

Purity                                   99.13%

Loss on heating                   2.45%

water-soluble                      soluble

melting point                       129-132ºC

Flash point                          265ºC


1. In addition to aldehyde, such as: high performance air formaldehyde formaldehyde scavenger, Home Furnishing

potent activity of the enzyme, formaldehyde glue, long-term melting media except aldehyde agent, photocatalyst,

floor wax, furniture odor deodorant, automotive deodorant, textile auxiliaries in addition to aldehyde resin

intermediates, etc. in addition, in addition to aldehyde; in the textile industry but also can be used for fabric

finishing agent, tear resistant finishing agent;

2. In the pharmaceutical industry, it can be used as a variety of new antibiotics such as penicillin intermediates,

mezlocillin, Arlo, can also be used as intermediate of anti schistosomiasis drugs, and can be used as the basic raw

materials of third generations of penicillin; in the field of biology, it can produce a plant growth regulator,

fungicides, herbicides, inhibitors, such as: N-- chloromethyl -2- 1-, imidazolizone acyl acyl chloride -3- acetyl -2

imidazolizone, 1- acyl chloride -3- methyl sulfonyl -2- imidazolizone, N- -2-, 1- imidazolizone hydroxyethyl methyl

sulfonyl imidazolizone, -2- 1, 3- two, -2- methyl imidazolizone 1- acetyl -2- imidazolizone etc..

3.The Ethyleneurea is mainly used for anti wrinkle fabric finishing agent and formaldehyde as cross-linking agen

and agent, rubber, resin, PA6 as dehydrating agent poly formaldehyde; EVA, various kinds of water-based

coatings, adhesives, paint, paint and other coatings; adding the coating with formaldehyde absorption and

decomposition function; from wetting, anti blocking and disperse ink printing ink; photosensitive material of

chelating agent and formaldehyde absorbent; as in addition to formaldehyde treatment agent in papermaking

industry. It is also the main component of all kinds of air freshener and aldehyde removing agent, and is an

important intermediate of synthetic penicillin.


keep away from fire and heat. Store in airproof, cool and dry conditions. .


25KG chipboard drum lined with double-layer polyethylene film.

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      2-Imidazolidone CAS 120-93-4
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