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Trimethylolpropane trimethacrylate (TMPTMA) CAS 3290-92-4
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    99.0% min
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Buy Trimethylolpropane trimethacrylate (TMPTMA) CAS 3290-92-4, a chemical intermediate for Trimethylolpropane trimethacrylate (TMPTMA) from TNJ Chemical, China leading Trimethylolpropane trimethacrylate (TMPTMA) suppliers, factory & manufacturers. If you want to buy Trimethylolpropane trimethacrylate (TMPTMA), please mail to sales19@tnjchem.com

Trimethylolpropane trimethacrylate (TMPTMA) CAS 3290-92-4 as Cross-linking agent,rubber modifier, TMPTMA could decrease the radiation dosage, save the radiation time,increase the cross-linking density,low viscosity,high cross-linking properties,low vapour tension, high speed solid.


Appearance                        light yellow transparent liquid

Puirty                                99.0%min

Density                              1.06

Melting Point                       -25ºC

Boiling Point                        >200ºC 1mm

Flash Point                         >110ºC

Refractive Index                  1.472

Vapor Pressure                   <0.01 mm Hg ( 20 °C)

Vapor Density                     >1 (vs air)


 • Acrylic resin And plastic

 • Adhesive Elastomer

 • Glass Metal Wood pvc floor coating

 • Ink



Storage & Handling

Store in a dry, cool, well-ventilated area away from heat ,open flames, organic chemicals, oxidants and light. 

Always refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for detailed information on handling and disposal.

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      Trimethylolpropane trimethacrylate (TMPTMA) CAS 3290-92-4
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