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Triethylene glycol

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Triethylene glycol TEG (CAS 112-27-6) is a member of a homologous series of dihydroxy alcohols.It is a colorless,odorless and stable liquid with high viscosity and a high boiling point. Apart from its use as a raw material in the manufacture and synthesis of other products,TEG is known for its hygroscopic quality and its ability to dehumidify fluids.This liquid is miscible with water,and at a pressure of 101.325 kPa has a boiling point of 286.5 degrees Celsius and a freezing point of -7 degrees C.It is also soluble in ethanol,acetone, acetic acid, glycerine,pyridine, aldehydes ; slightly soluble in diethyl ether; and insoluble in oil,fat and most hydrocarbons.



Appearance                                  Clear liquid

Triethylene Glycol,Wt %               99.50 min
Water,Wt%                                  0.10 max
Color(APHA)                                 25 max
Specific Gravity(20/20℃)             1.12-1.13
Acidity,Wt ppm                            100 max
Ash,Wt ppm                                100 max


TEG is used by the oil and gas industry to "dehydrate" natural gas.It may also be used to dehydrate other gases,
including CO2,H2S,and other oxygenated gases.It is necessary to dry natural gas to a certain point,
as humidity in natural gas can cause pipelines to freeze,and create other problems for endusers of the natural gas.



225kg/drum, 18mt/20''container


Placed in sealed container and kept in a cool and dry place.

Avoid strong vibration, insolation, high temperature, smoke and fire.

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