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Triethyl phosphate
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Triethyl phosphate (CAS 78-40-4) is colorless transparent liquid. Triethyl phosphate high-boiling solvents, rubber and plastic plasticizer. Also a catalyst. Also used as raw material for the preparation of pesticides.


Appearance                Colorless Transparent Liquid

Melting Point               -56 ℃
Boiling Point                215 ℃
Flash Point                  130 ℃
Density                       1.072
Assay                          ≥99.5%
Acid Value                   ≤0.05
Colour Value               ≤ 20
Refractive Index          1.405-1.407
Water Content            ≤0.20%
Specific Gravity            1.069-1.073


Triethylphosphate high-boiling solvents, rubber and plastic plasticizer. Also a catalyst. Also used as raw material for the preparation of pesticides. As well as ethyl reagent, for the production of ketene. In Japan, 70% of the goods for the catalyst, about 20% is used as a solvent.

Triethyl phosphate for the following purposes:
(1) a catalyst, the catalyst xylene isomers; olefin polymerization catalysts; catalyst manufacturing tetraethyl lead; Production of carbodiimide catalyst; displacement reaction catalyst and a trialkyl boron olefins; high temperature dehydration of manufacturing vinyl acetate one of the catalyst; styrene with a conjugated diene compound catalyst for the polymerization; if used when terephthalic acid and ethylene glycol to prevent polymerization of the fiber discoloration effect.
(2) Solvent nitrocellulose and cellulose acetate; organic peroxide catalyst life for holding a solvent; fluorinated ethylene dispersing solvent; as a polyester resin, an epoxy resin curing agent is a peroxide catalyst and diluent.
(3) A stabilizer, a chlorine-based pesticides and stabilizer; phenolic resin stabilizer; sugar alcohol resin solid agent.
(4) synthetic resin aspects, xylenol formaldehyde resin curing agent; softener used in shell mold of a phenolic resin; softener chloride; vinyl acetate polymer plasticizers; flame retardant polyester resin agent.


200kg per steel drum Loading quantity for 1*20' FCL: 16mt with pallets


Store In A Tightly Closed Container Sealed. Store In A Cool, Dry, Well-Ventilated Area, Away From Incompatible Materials.

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