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Triethyl Orthoformate TEOF
Triethyl Orthoformate TEOF CAS 122-51-0

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Triethyl Orthoformate TEOF CAS 122-51-0 is a colorless transparent liquid which is most important originic chemical intermediates. It is widely used in pharma,pesticide, dye, perfume,flavor ec.

Specification of Triethyl Orthoformate TEOF

Appearance       Colorless & transparent liquid
Assay               ≥99.2%
Ethyl formate    ≤0.2%
Ethanol             ≤0.3%
Water               ≤0.05

Color                ≤10


Application of Triethyl Orthoformate TEOF

It is mainly used to synthesize pharmaceutical and pesticide products, such as quinolone antibiotics and amitraz. 

It is also widely used in coating, dye, flavors and perfume industries.


180kg per plastic drum.

14.4mt per 20ft container


Storage & Handling 

Class 3, UN 2524

Store in air proof, dry and ventilated condition. Keep away from fire and heat. 

Always refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for detailed information on handling and disposal.

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      Triethyl Orthoformate TEOF CAS 122-51-0
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