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High purity Amlexanox CAS 68302-57-8
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    pharma grade with high purity
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    1kg/aluminium foil bag
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Amlexanox CAS 68302-57-8 is a white  to yellowish white crystal or crystalline powder, odorless and tasteless. Soluble in dimethyl sulfoxide, easily soluble in dimethylformamide, insoluble in tetrahydrofuran, difficult soluble in methanol, ethanol or chloroform, almost insoluble in ether, acetonitrile or water. Melting point> 300 ℃.Amlexanox is usually applied four times a day, following brushing and flossing after breakfast, lunch, dinner, and at bedtime. Squeeze 1/4 inch (0.6 centimeters) of the paste on your finger. With gentle pressure, dab amlexanox onto each ulcer in the mouth. Wash hands immediately after using amlexanox. Amlexanox is only used until the ulcer has healed, usually within 10 days. Contact your physician or dentist if significant healing has not occurred within 10 days.

Specification of Amlexanox

Appearance                  White to light yellow crystal or power
Character                     Soluble in Dimehylformamide,very slightly soluble in methnaol,insoluble in                                               water and sparingly soluble in0.1 M NaOH solution
Clarify of solution         The solution(5g→100ml)of DMF should be clear
Related substance       ≤1.0%
Loss on drying             ≤1.0%
Residue on ignition      ≤0.1%
Heavy metal                ≤10ppm

Assay                          ≥98.0%

Application of Amlexanox

Amlexanox is the active ingredient in a common topical treatment for recurrent aphthous ulcers of the mouth (canker sores),reducing both healing time and pain. Amlexanox 5% paste is well-tolerated,and is typically applied four times per day directly on the ulcers. A 2011 review found it to be the most effective treatment of the eight treatments investigated for recurrent canker sores.It is also used to treat ulcers associated with Behçet disease.

Packing of Amlexanox

1kg/aluminium foil bag or as customer's request


Keep in a dry and cool place

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      High purity Amlexanox CAS 68302-57-8
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