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Succinic acid anhydride
Succinic anhydride CAS 108-30-5
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Succinic anhydride CAS 108-30-5, also called dihydro-2,5-furandione and butanedioic anhydride , is an organic compound with the molecular formula C4H4O3. This colorless solid is the acid anhydride of succinic acid. Succinc anhydride is colorless needles or white crystalline solid. Melting point 237°F. Sublimes at 239°F at 5 mm Hg pressure; and at 198°F and 1 mm Hg pressure. Moderately toxic and an irritant.



 Item  Tech grade  Pharma grade
 Appearance  White yellowish flakes  White flakes or powder
 Assay, % min  98.0  99.50
 Free succinic acid, %max  1.20  0.20
 Unsaturates, %max.  1.50  0.10
 Sulfide, ppm max.  500  400
 Chloride, ppm max.  200 150 
 Residue on Ignition, %max.  0.02  0.01
 Heavy metals, ppm max.  18  10


- In medical field, be used in the production of vitamin A and sulphonamide etc.
- In pesticides field, be used in the production of fungicides, pesticides and plant growth regulators etc.

- Raw materials of coating, synthetic resin and dyes etc.

- Used as sizing agents in the paper industry.



25kg per bag: PP plastic weaving bag or brown paper plastic bag
Total 16 MT per 20ft container with pallets,18 MT without pallets


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      Succinic anhydride CAS 108-30-5
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