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potassium oxalate
potassium oxalate monohydrate CAS 6487-48-5

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Potassium oxalate CAS 6487-48-5 is an odorless white solid. Sinks in and mixes slowly with water. Potassium oxalate is a strong dicarboxylic acid ooccurring in many plants and vegetables. It has anhydrous form with CAS 583-52-8.

Specification of Potassium oxalate

Appearance                     White crystal or powder

Assay, %                          99.0 Min
Water insoluble,%           0.01 Max
Sulfate(SO4),%                0.05 Max
Chlorine(Cl),%                 0.01 Max
Iron (Fe),%                      0.005 Max
Heavy metal ( Pb), %       0.005 Max
pH value                          7.2-8.2

Application of Potassium oxalate

Potassium oxalate is used as an analytical reagent and general reducing agent.

Potassium oxalate is the raw material of ceramic glaze,leather making,textile finishing,organic chemical material


25kg per bag,20Ton per 20ft container

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      potassium oxalate monohydrate CAS 6487-48-5
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