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Polymaleic acid
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    250kg/PE drum or 1200kg/IBC
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Density:                        1.18 (48% aq.)

Fash point:                   95 °C
Sorage temperature:   2-8°C


Appearance                   Pale yellow to umber transparent liquid

Solid content %             48.0 min
Bromine value mg/g       50.0 max
pH(1% water solution)   2.0-3.0
Density (20℃) g/cm3     1.18 min


-HPMA is a low molecular weight polymeride, with average molecular weight 400-800. No toxicity, soluble in water,

high chemical and thermal stability, decomposed temperature above 330℃.
- HPMA has obvious threshold effect under high temperature (350℃) and high pH(8.3)level, suitable to be used
in alkaline water system or built with agents.
- It has good scale inhibition against carbonate and phosphate scales under temperature 300℃ with effective time as long as 100 hours.
-Due to its good scale inhibition and high temperature tolerance properties, HPMA is widely used in desalination plant of flash vaporization equipment,low pressure boiler, steam locomotive, crude oil evaporation, petroleum pipeline, and industrial circulating cool water systems.
-In addition, HPMA has good corrosion inhibition effect when used together with zinc salt. HPMA can also used as additives for cement.


250kg/drum, 20mt/20''container

1200kg/IBC drum,21.6mt/20”container
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      Polymaleic acid
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