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Picaridin repellent against mosquito
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    200kg/drum 16mt/FCL or 25kg/drum 1kg/bottle 5kg/
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Picaridin is an important insect repellent. It is widely used in our daily life and has broad efficiency against mosquitos and other insects. Compared with other anti-insects, Picaridin is much more efficiency (than DEET). Also it has almost no bad effect on human and other materials. It has no harm to people skin etc.


Appearance                         Colorless to pale yellow liquid
Content                                 ≥97.0%                                  
PH(8.2g/100ml water)         4.0-9.0                                
Specific density(g/cm3,20℃)   1.013-1.085                          
Boiling point                         ≥260℃                                 


1)  Icaridin plays an important role as an effective insect repellent in preventing and controlling malaria, yellow fever, west Nile virus(Lyme disease),forest encephalities, which is certified by WHO.

2)   Icaridin can be made into sprayingagent, water repellent,wet tissue and repellent stick etc. Usually icaridin can provide mosquito protection for 3-5 hours(10% icaridin),even for 14hours (20% icaridin),which is much superior to other similar products.

3)  Icaridin has been successfully tested with dermatologist. It will not cause irritations on your skin and is nearly odorless. 

4) The effect of icaridin on various materials was also tested and results showed that icaridin has no adverse affect on plastics, synthetics, plastic coatings and sealants.

200kg/drum ,16mt/FCL or 25kg/drum,1kg/bottle, 5kg/drum or packed as customer’s request

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      Picaridin repellent against mosquito
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