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N-Ethylformamide 99.5%
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    200L plastic drum
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Where to buy N-Ethylformamide 99.5% from China top suppliers and manufacturers at best price? TNJ offers reasonable 99.5% N-Ethylformamidel suppliers price and high quality CAS 627-45-2. To buy N-Methylformamide 99.5% from TNJ Chemical is your best option. 


Product name          N-Ethylformamide

CAS                         627-45-2

Molecular Formula  C3H7NO

Molecular Weight   73.09



Light yellow or colorless transparent liquid.m.p.-78°C,b.p.202-204°C,flash point 113°C,proportion 0.95 (20°C)。



N-ethyl formamide is an important organic chemical raw material and intermediate ,is a good organic solvent. Used as a solvent, drug synthesis reaction solvent, solvent synthesis, fiber spinning, photographic chemicals, the field of painting and electronic chemicals.

Used as reaction solvent and refining solvent in organic synthesis.

It is also widely used in pharmaceutical, dyestuff, spice and electrolysis, electroplating industry.


Packing and storage

200L plastic drum or plastic coated metal pail. 

Tightly closed to store,prevent from leaking,avoid rain,sunlight,far from fire and heat source,strictly forbid striking and rubbing.

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      N-Ethylformamide 99.5%
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