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Appearance:           Colorless transparent liquid
Content:                 97.0—102%
Refractive rate:       1.470—1.473(25°C)
Relative density:      0.906—0.926
Bromines:               ≤0.1%
Heavy metal:          ≤0.001%


1.In the field of medicine, using the concentration of Azone 0.1-1%, 0.5-5% concentration used for the preparation of a variety of sprays, aerosols, lotions, liniments, emulsions, cream, ointment, Suppositories, coated agent, patch etc..

2.Azone can be widely used in nutrition, efficacy, functional cosmetics, such as freckle cream, scar Ling, sunscreen, slim cream, Jianfei Shuang and other products.

3.In the field of pesticides, the development of hypertonic Azone cited pesticide the product proven to reduce pesticide costs, reduce environmental pollution and so on have far-reaching significance.

4.In other areas, there Azone silk, linen and other fabric dyeing, leather dyeing and oil, widely used in many fields aviation lights.

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