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HEMPA 60% CAS 5995-42-6
  • CAS No.:

  • Molecular Formula:

  • Quality Standard:

    60% min
  • Packing:

    250kg/drum; 1250kg/IBC drum
  • Mininmum Order:


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  • Product Details

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Physical Properties

Appearance             Colorless to light yellow transparent liquid

Density at 20        1.30g/cm3


Appearance                           Colorless to light yellow transparent liquid
Active content( as acid), %    ≥60.00
Chloride (as Cl-), %               ≤5.00
Fe, ppm                                 ≤20.00
Density(20℃), g/cm3             ≥1.300
PH( 1% water solution)         ≤2


HEMPA is usually used together with other organophosphoric acid, polycarboxylic acid and salt in different areas.


250kg per plastic drum,, total 20mt per 20'ft container

1250kg/IBC drum, total 22.5mt per 20'ft container

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      HEMPA 60% CAS 5995-42-6
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