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Sodium borohydride NaBH4
Sodium borohydride NaBH4 CAS 16940-66-2

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Sodium borohydride (CAS 16940-66-2) exists in 98% white solid (powder and granule) sodium borohydride nabh4

and 12% solution. It is a new type of reducing agent. Soluble in water (55 g/l) at 25° C, ammonia cellosolve, methanol (slightly), ethanol (slightly), amines, and pyridine. Insoluble in ether, hydrocarbons, and alkyl chlorides.


Sodium borohydride 98% solid

Appearance        White powder or granules
Assay (GB),%            ≥ 98.0

Water,%                      ≤ 0.2

Sodium borohydride 12% solution
Appearan          Colorless or Yellowish clear solution
Characters       Visible particles(1g≤1 particle),No black particles
Assay (GB),%            ≥ 12.0
Alkalinity, %               40~50


Sodium borohydride is a water soluble reductant.Mainly used in drug, pulp bleaching, recovery of noble metals and preventation of the occurrence of public nuisances caused by heavy metals.
-- Sodium borohydride is reductant of carbonyl compound (aldehyde, ketone, acid, acid amide, acid anhydride, acid halogen,ester,enol ester, imide , lactone), carbonitriding chemicals (azide, diazo salts, hydrazone, imine, nitrile, oxime, nitro compound), peroxide and hydroperoxide;
-- Sodium borohydride also can be used to remove color, smell of organic chemicals;
-- Sodium borohydride can be used to control pollution and recycle noble metals;
-- Sodium borohydride can be used in the production of drug and fine chemicals;
-- Sodium borohydride can be used in the production and recovery of catalyst,etc.


98% solid:        50 kg Iron drum,7.5 MT per 20ft container with pallets.

12% solution:   250 kg plastic drum,total 80 drums,20 MT per container.

Safety & Storage & Handling

*  Avoid breakage and moisture, far away from heat, fire and inflammable matter, no mix with acid, oxidant and substance containing water. 

*  Kept in cool, dry and ventilating place. It is valid for 1 year under proper condition.

*  Sodium borohydride is classified as Dangerous Good for transport (UN 1426, Class 4.3, Packing group I)
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      Sodium borohydride NaBH4 CAS 16940-66-2
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