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TNJ can provide variety of chemicals which can be applied into industrial, food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic fields. Here you can search what you are looking for by Chemical name, CAS number and other names.  You can also find the chemicals by application fields listed on the left of this page. 

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  • Erythritol

    Erythritol CAS 149-32-6

    Erythritol CAS 149-32-6 is a sugar alcohol (or polyol) that has been approved for use as a food additive. Erythritol is 60–70% as sweet as sucrose (table sugar) yet it is almost noncaloric, does not affect blood sugar, does not cause tooth decay, and is partially absorbed by the body, excreted in urine and feces.

  • Erythritol

    Food grade Erythritol powder

    Erythritol is a very popular sweetener, which is unique natural polyol sweeteners with non calorie and clear cool mouth feel. Erythritol is a polyol (sugar alcohol) which is very popular for use in baking and as a general sweetener in low carb diets. Erythritol, as alternatives to sugars and as part of a comprehensive program including proper dental hygiene has been recognized by the American dental association.

  • Pentaerythritol

    Pentaerythritol CAS 115-77-5

    Pentaerythritol CAS 115-77-5 is a white crystalline powder or granule, which is slightly soluble in ethanol, soluble in water, methanol glycerol, formamide and ethylene glycol, but insoluble in acetone, benzene, paraffin wax, diethyl ether or carbon tetrachloride. It is melted at 257℃ and boiling point is at 276℃.

  • Pentaerythritol

    Buy Pentaerythritol 98% at factory price from China suppliers

    Where to find the biggest supplier of Pentaerythritol? TNJ Chemical is the biggest supplier of Pentaerythritol in China. We have been specialized in the production and dedicated to improving the production technology of Pentaerythritol for these years. If you are looking for a stable supplier, you can please try to contact us by e-mail to sales15@tnjchem.com

  • China Pentaerythritol 98% at low price from China factory suppliers

    China Pentaerythritol 98% at low price from China factory

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  • Pentaerythritol

    High quality Pentaerythritol 95% 98% for sale from China suppliers

    What kind of Pentaerythritol do you need? TNJ Chemical supplies different purities such as Pentaerythritol 95%, Pentaerythritol 98% and Pentaerythritol 99%. We are the biggest manufacturer and supplier of Pentaerythritol in China. We are supplying the best quality and best price. If you have interest in Pentaerythritol, please write an e-mail to sales15@tnjchem.com

  • Buy Erythritol

    Buy Erythritol powder from China Erythritol factory suppliers

    Do you want to buy Erythritol from China? TNJ Chemical is a professional Erythritol factory supplier in Hefei. We have been in Erythritol industry for more than 12 years since from 2004. Now we are the key Erythritol suppliers from China. If you want to buy Erythritol with high quality and competitive price, please feel free to contact sales@tnjchem.com

  • Erythritol suppliers


    TNJ Chemical is engaged in producing and supplying high quality Erythritol as food sweetener from China for more than 12 years since from 2002. After 12 years of development, now we are the key Erythritol suppliers in China. We promise good quality and competitive price. If you want to buy Erythritol, please feel free to contact sales@tnjchem.com

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