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Malonic acid Diethyl ester
Diethyl malonate for food flavor
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    200kg/plastic drum
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Diethyl malonate Properties

Diethyl malonate, also known as DEM, colorless and clear liquid with aromatic odor, insoluble in water, soluble in inositol, ether and other organic solvent, melting point is -48.9° C, boiling point is 199.3° C, and relative density is 1.0551(20/4° C). When meet acids and lyes, diethyl malonate can generate malonic and ethanol.is the diethyl ester of malonic acid. It occurs naturally in grapes and strawberries as a colourless liquid with an apple-like odour, and is used in perfumes. It is also used to synthesize other compounds such as barbiturates, artificial flavourings, vitamin B1, and vitamin B6.

- Appearance         colourless liquid
- Density                1.05 g/cm3, liquid
- Melting point        −50 °C (−58 °F; 223 K)
- Boiling point         199 °C (390 °F; 472 K)

Specification of Diethyl malonate
Appearance                                        Colorless, clear liquid
Colour Index (Hazen)                         ≤15
Content Fe                                         ≤4ppm
Content Diethyl Malonate (by GC)      ≥99.2%
Content Ethanol (by GC)                    ≤0.5%
Content acid
as Malonic Acid                                   ≤0.2%
as Acetic Acid                                      ≤0.1%
Moisture(H2O)                                    ≤0.1%
Content Benzene                                ≤10ppm
Chloride                                              ≤1.0%

Application of Diethyl malonate

1. Intermediate of organic synthesis, for the preparation of 2-amino-4, 6- dimethoxy-pyrimidine. Also used as a plasticizer for cellulose nitrate;

2. Widely used in the production of dyes, fragrances, sulfonylurea herbicides; is mainly used in the production of Propylene glycol ethoxymethylenemalonate, barbituric acid, alkyl diethyl malonate, then for the synthesis of pharmaceuticals, such as norfloxacin, lomefloxacin, chloroquine, phenylbutazone, etc., and synthetic dyes and pigments such as benzimidazolone type of organic pigments;
3. As the for intermediates of drugs such as chloroquine, phenylbutazone, sulfadoxine-pyrimethamine and barbiturate;
4.Used as food flavor. Mainly used for the preparation of pear, apple, grape, cherry and other fruit flavors;

Diethyl malonate Packing

200 kgs net in plastic drums or in iron drums with inner PVF laminated.

1000 kgs net in IBC(Intermediate Bulk Container) 

19,000 ~ 22,000 kgs net in ISO Container.

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      Diethyl malonate for food flavor
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