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Dehydroacetic Acid Suppliers manufacturers factory
Dehydroacetic Acid Suppliers
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Find Dehydroacetic Acid suppliers from China, and select TNJ Chemical as the top Dehydroacetic Acid suppliers,factory and manufacturers. We offer best price of Dehydroacetic Acid with high quality. If you want to buy Dehydroacetic Acid, please feel free to contact sales@tnjchem.com


Physical Information

Appearance                     White to off-white crystalline powder

Boiling point,℃                     269.9

Melting point,℃                     109.00 ~ 111.00

Flash point,℃                     157

Refractive index                     1.4611

Solubility                               Slightly soluble in ethanol and cold water


Items                              Specification

Appearance                    White to off-white crystalline powder

Assay, %                              98.00~100.5 0 (On Dried Substance)

Melting Point,℃                    109.00~111.00

Loss on Drying, %          ≤1.00

Residue on Ignition, %        ≤0.10

Lead(as Pb), mg/kg          ≤0.50


Dehydroacetic acid is a broad-spectrum preservative, especially has strong bacteriostatic ability to molds and yeast.

Dehydroacetic acid is a safe food preservative and preservative agent approved by FAO and WHOs.


25kg paper-plastics compound sacks or kraft paper bag; 22mt per 20’ft container without pallet wrapped

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