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Cuprous oxide suppliers
Cuprous oxide
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    25kg/fiber drum
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Cuprous oxide, is a valence oxide of copper, bright red material, the chemical formula is Cu2O, the relative molecular mass is 143.08. It is almost insoluble in water, in acid solution disproportionation of cupric and copper.


Cu2O total reducing power     ≥98.0

Metallire Copper                     ≤1.0

Cuprous oxide (Cu2O)            ≥97.0

Total copper                           ≥87.0

Chloride(Cl-)                        ≤0.5

Sulphate(SO42-)                 ≤0.5

Water                                     ≤0.5


- Universal cuprous oxide
- Cuprous oxide used as antipollution paint in the bottom of ship
- Pesticides special cuprous oxide
- Special cuprous oxide catalyst
- Special cuprous oxide coloring
- Electric special cuprous oxide

- Professional custom cuprous oxide


25kg/fiber drum

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      Cuprous oxide
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