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Chromic acid suppliers
Chromic acid
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    industry grade
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    25kg/50kg per drum.
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Chromic acid, dark red flake, m.p 197℃(dec.), strong oxidizability,extremely deliquesces and dissolves in water. Flammable in contact with organic material.


Chromic anhydride(CrO3) %          ≥99.8

Sulfate (SO4) %                             ≤0.05
Water insolubles %                        ≤0.01
Sodium (Na) %                               ≤0.04

Turbidity %                                     ≤5


Extensively used for high-end electroplating and hard chrome plating industry.


In sealed steel drums, 25kg/50kg per drum.


1.Do not store together with flammable material,e.g.Oil,ethyl,alcohol and soda etc.
2.In storage or transportation, it should be kept away from moisture, heat and flammable materials and handled with care.

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      Chromic acid
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