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CAS#. 55566-30-8, China THPS 75% suppliers suppliers
CAS#. 55566-30-8, China THPS 75% suppliers
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    1400 kg/IBC drum
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THPS CAS 55566-30-8THPS is an environmental friendly bactericide with good water solubility, low solidifying point, stable chemical performance, long shelf life, new-type, high-efficiency, wide-spectrum etc.


Appearance                                               Colorless liquid or light yellow liquid

Assay, %                                                   ≥ 75 

Specification Gravity, 25℃ , g/mol              1.35-1.42

Active phosphorus, %                                ≥ 11 

Viscosity, 25℃,cps                                     30-40 

Fe, ppm                                                     ≤ 20 

pH                                                            2.5-5.5



THPS is used in water treatment and oil field as bactericide.

THPS is also used as flame-retardant as it an internationally acknowledged flame-retardants for pure cotton and polyester cotton and its flame-retarding effect can remain for a long time.

Packing & storage 

1.4 MT/IBC drum

Stored in dry and ventilation place, far from heat and water

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      CAS#. 55566-30-8, China THPS 75% suppliers
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