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Carbohydrazide suppliers suppliers
Carbohydrazide suppliers
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    25kg/ fiber drum
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Carbohydrazide CAS 497-18-7 is  a white crystalline powder, easily soluble in water, insoluble in alcohol, ether, benzene. Carbohydrazide is the chemical compound with the formula OC(N2H3)2. It is a white, water-soluble solid.It decomposes upon melting. A number of carbazides are known where one or more N-H groups are replaced by other substituents. They occur widely in the drugs, herbicides, plant growth regulators, and dyestuffs. Heating carbohydrazide may result in an explosion. Carbohydrazide is harmful if swallowed, irritating to eyes, respiratory system, and skin. Carbohydrazide is toxic to aquatic organisms


Appearance                    White crystalline power

Content                          ≥99.0%

Free hydrazine,PPM         ≤250

Melting point,℃               152-157

Loss on drying,%            ≤0.5

Water insolubility,%        ≤0.1


A:Industrial grade
1)Oxygen scrubber: carbohydrazide is used to remove oxygen in boiler systems. Oxygen scrubbers prevent corrosion.
2)Precursor to polymers: carbohydrazide can be used as a curing agent for epoxide-type resins
3)Photography: carbohyrazide is used in the silver halide diffusion process as one of the toners. Carbohydrazide is used to stabilize color developers that produce images of the azo-methine and azine classes
4)Carbohydrazide has been used to develop ammunition propellants, stabilize soaps, and used a reagent in organic synthesis.
B: Pharmaceutical grade:Carbohydrazide is widely used in medicine area.

C: Agricultural grade:Carbohydrazide can also be used as Herbicides, and plant growth regulator


25kg/ fiber drum


Store in a Ventilated, and dry place at low temperature, separate from strong acid, strong oxidizer

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      Carbohydrazide suppliers
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