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Antioxidant 2246
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Antioxidant 2246 is a white,grey-white to sightly yellow powder, with melting point 120-130C,low volatility, steam pressure 2mm/Hg columniation (160C).In rubber,solubility exceeds 2%,in organic impregnant(such as carbinol, Alcohol, Benzene, Acetone,Ethyl acetate,Chloroform)it can well dissolve.Because of the hindered phenolic structure,its chemical character is not lively.In storage it can keep stalbe conditions.It will appear slightly red after long storage ,but have no effect on anti oxidant.

Specification of Antioxidant 2246

Appearance                                              white,grey-white to sightly yellow powder
Initial melting point for dry material C,     124
Weight loss on incandescence %,            0.3
Ash content,%                                          0.1

Fineness (150 um Sieve Residue), %,       0.5

Application of  Antioxidant 2246

It can be used as antioxidant in natural rubber , latex,synthetic latex,as well as kinds of plastic products .Also in oil products and fattiness food,it can act suitable antioxidant .This product has low toxicity and volatility,no pollution coloration to the applied products. It's a widely applied hindered phenolic antioxidant.





Keep away from moisture and not to be handled together with toxic materials.

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      Antioxidant 2246
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