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Adipic dihydrazide

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Adipic dihydrazide CAS 1071-93-8 also called hydrazide, is white crystal, soluble in water, moderate toxicity.Widely used in coating, adhesive, epoxy resin curing agent, the photosensitive resin additives, textile, pharmaceutical, etc.
In the production field ADH emulsion polymerization, can cooperate DAAM reacting, enhance the comprehensive performance emulsion, especially for water resistance, such as adhesion, there were significant effect. In acrylic ester adhesives industry, has become the formula ADH a major component of adhesive, one of the increased performance and extending the industry, played an important role.

Physical Properties

Melting point, °C . 180-182 °C(lit.)

Flash point, °C 150
Soluble H2O: 100 mg/mL


Appearance                  White crystalline powder

Assay,%                       ≥ 98.0
Dry Loss, %                  ≤ 0.80


1) Mainly used in epoxy powder coating curing agent and coating additives, metal attenuated agent and other polymer additives and water treatment agent.

2) Adipic acid hydrazide double functional group compounds, with sodium hyaluronate as protein drug carrier after crosslinking. And diacetone acrylamide in water emulsion and water soluble polymer crosslinked after crosslinking role, such as coating, adhesive, fiber and plastic processing, hair gel, etc., also can be used as a curing agent and coating epoxy powder coating additives, metal attenuated agent and other polymer additives and water treatment agent, indoor formaldehyde adsorbent materials and intermediates.

3) With bifunctional crosslinking reagent, dedicated to aldehyde, generated a relatively stable hydrazone links. Especially for connecting glycoprotein, such as antibodies.



25kg per fiber drum

9mt per 20ft container

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