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1,6-Hexanediol CAS 629-11-8

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1,6-Hexanediol CAS 629-11-8 is a linear, bifunctional, primary alcohol. It is a white waxy solid at room temperature and a clear liquid at temperatures above its melting range 42°C



Assay, % min.                        99.5 

Water, % max.                      0.07
Solidification Temperature      42.8
Acid Number, koll/g                0.01
Chromaticity (Hazen60@c)    10
Total Impurities, %                0.30


1,6-Hexanediol is widely used for industrial polyester and polyurethane production.

- 1,6-Hexandiol can improve the hardness and flexibility of polyesters as it contains a fairly long hydrocarbon chain. In polyurethanes, it is used as a chain extender, and the resulting modified polyurethane has high resistance to hydrolysis as well as mechanical strength, but with a low glass transition temperature.
- It is also an intermediate to acrylics, adhesives, inks and dyestuffs. Unsaturated polyester resins have also been made from 1,6-hexanediol, along with styrene, maleic anhydride and fumaric acid.


Waxy solid:   200kg per plastic or iron drum, 16tons(80drum)/20’’FCL                                    

Flake:           25kg per pp woven bag, 13tons(520bags)/20’’FCL

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      1,6-Hexanediol CAS 629-11-8
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