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1,1-Cyclohexanediacetic acid monoamide 98%
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Where to buy 1,1-Cyclohexanediacetic acid monoamide 98% from China top suppliers and manufacturers at best price? TNJ offers reasonable 1,1-Cyclohexanediacetic acid monoamide suppliers price and high quality CAS 99189-60-3. To find 1,1-Cyclohexanediacetic acid monoamide suppliers from TNJ Chemical is your best option. 

1,1-Cyclohexanediacetic acid monoamide CAM CAS 99189-60-3 is white or off white crystalline powder, melting Point: 141-146 degree centigrade. It can be used for the treatment of epilepsy drugs gabapentin intermediates.


Appearance                     White or off white crystalline powder

Assay                              ≥98.0%

Melting Point                   145-148℃

Loss on drying                 ≤1.0%

Residue on ignition          ≤0.2%

Heavy metals                  ≤20ppm

Imide                             ≤1.0%

CDA                               ≤1.0%

Max other                       ≤0.05%

Unknown Impurities        ≤0.10%


Used for the treatment of epilepsy drugs gabapentin intermediates


25kgs/kraft bagx600bags=15tons/1x20’FCL


Keep in a cool, dry, dark location in a tightly sealed container.

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      1,1-Cyclohexanediacetic acid monoamide 98%
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