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Triglyceride 1,2,3-triacetoxypropane is more generally known as triacetin and glycerin triacetate.
It is the triester of glycerol and acetylating agents, such as acetic acid and acetic anhydride.It is a colorless,
viscous and odorless liquid.


Appearance         Transparent liquid.

Melting point       3 ° C (lit.)
Boiling point        258-260 ° C (lit.)
Density               1.16 g/mL at 25 ° C (lit.)
Flash point         300 ° F


Color APHA                             10 max

Content GC                            99.0% min
Acidity As HAc                         0.01% max
Water content                        0.10% max
Refractive index (n20d)          1.430~ 1.435
Relative density (25/25o C)   1.156~ 1.164
Heavy metal (base on Pb)      5ppm max
Arsenic (As)                            3ppm max


- Triacetin is an artificial chemical compound, commonly used as a food additive, for instance as a solvent in flavourings,and for its humectant function. It is used as an excipient in pharmaceutical products, where it is used as a humectant, a plasticizer, and as a solvent.

- Triacetin can also be used as a fuel additive as an antiknock agent which can reduce engine knocking in gasoline, and to improve cold and viscosity properties of biodiesel.
- The triacetin is applied to the filter as a plasticizer.
- Triacetin has been considered as a possible source of food energy in artificial food regeneration systems on long space missions.It is believed to be safe to get over half of one's dietary energy from triacetin.


240 kg/drum, 19.2MT per 20GP container


Placed in sealed container and kept in a cool and dry place.

Avoid strong vibration, insolation, high temperature, smoke and fire.

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