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Sodium fluoride NaF
Toothpaste grade Sodium fluoride NaF powder
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    Toothpaste, Pharma, Industrial, Food
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    25kg/bag or 25kg/drum
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Sodium fluoride NaF exists in white crystalline powder. It is mainly used for toothpaste-production, purification agent of drinking water, material for paper industry, manufacture of rimmed steel, treatment of hides and skins for leather industry, adhesive preservative, purification and couring flux in the melting of light metals.



 Item  USP/FCC Grade  1st Grad  2nd Grade
 NaF, %min.  98.0-102.0   99.0  98.0
 Fluoride as F, %  44.0-46.0%  /  /
 Heavy Metal (as Pb), %max  0.003  0.005  0.005
 Sulfate (in SO4), %max  0.2  0.3  0.5
 Silica, %max  0.4  0.5  0.5
 Sodium carbonate, %max  0.1  0.2  0.3
 Free Acid (HF), %max  0.1  0.2  0.2



- Fluoride toothpaste

- Pesticides and bactericides in agriculture

- Wood conservative

- Water treatment agent

- Ceramic pigment

- Fluoride treatment of light metal 

- UF2 adsorbent in neclear industry

- Material for making other fluoride chemicals

- Enamel industry

- Medical industry

- Paper-making industry

- Catalyst

- Paint drier



25kg/fiber drum or paperbag or as your requirements.

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      Toothpaste grade Sodium fluoride NaF powder
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