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TNJ Chemical visited Nigeria to broaden cooperation


During March 26 to April 02, 2017, Ms.Sophia and Hellen, on behalf of Hefei TNJ Chemical, visited Nigeria, to have face-to-face talks with regular customers and also investigate the possibility to set up sales branch locally.


TNJ Chemical has more than 10 years history in exporting chemicals to Niegeria. Due to the stable quality and considerate service, the chemicals supplied by TNJ receive good comments locally. Now TNJ is a famous and popular chemical brand in Nigeria.


In order to further expand the market, also take this chance to have a friendly visit to our good customers with whom we keep having good cooperation, TNJ Chemical Ms Sophia and Ms.Hellen visited Nigeria including Logos etc. During the one week visit, we visited our friendly customers and their families in Nigeria, also came to check our chemicals stock in Logos. We also visited some new customers and introduce them the chemicals they are interested which TNJ supplies. Many customers expressed their interest in TNJ Chemicals because TNJ is a well renowned brand in Nigeria, also want to visit TNJ Chemical in near future.


This visit definitely deepens our cooperation with Nigeria customers and lay the way for further expand our chemicals in Nigeria.



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