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Sulfobetaine CAS 4727-41-7 is a white crystalline powder with a strong smell. Additionally, this stuff is of strong moisture absorption. It is very easily soluble in water and widely used for the baits of fish and other aquatic animals. Samller dose to these animals would be especially effective for the their growth and reduce the incidence of diseases.


Appearance            White to off-white powder

Assay, %               98.0~101.0
Melting Point, ℃     126~131
Loss on Drying, %  ≤5.0


Sulfobetaine(as DMT) is mainly used for aquatic feed that functions as atracting fishes or other aquatic livestock. DMT can reduce aquatic livestocks’ incidence rate and promote their growth. It is especially effective for the shrim’s growth. Feeded with DMT, shrims meat taste tender and delicious. The most important is that aquatic livestocks’ production gets much increased without any side-effects or residues in the aquatic livestock bodies.



25kg/fiber drum


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