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Span 40,Sorbitan palmitate,Sorbitan monopalmitate,CAS 26266-57-9 suppliers
Span 40,Sorbitan palmitate,Sorbitan monopalmitate,CAS 26266-57-9
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Span 40,Sorbitan palmitate,Sorbitan monopalmitate,CAS 26266-57-9 acts as oil/water co-emulsifier. Possesses a wax-like structure that is useful where rigidity is needed in lipophilic compositions. Used in antiperspirants, deodorants, baby care, body care, color cosmetics, conditioners, creams & lotions-skin care, eye care, facial care, facial make-up, lip care, eye care, shaving, shaving-male grooming, skin-baby care, and other personal care products' formulations.It's also widely used in printing inks,oil field and other industries.



Spec       Appearance                Hydroxyl value (mgKOH/g )  Saponification value(mgKOH/g )     Acid (mgKOH/g)

S-20    amber viscous liquid                330~360                                160 175                                     ≤8 
S-40    small yellow wax solid             255~290                                140~150                                   ≤8 
S-60    small yellow wax solid             240~270                                135~155                                   ≤8 
S-80    amber viscous oil substance   190~220                                 140~160                                  ≤10 
S-85    yellow oil liquid                        60~80                                    165~185                                   ≤15 


1. Dry yeast: Acts as the carrier of active yeast. Promotes dry yeast shape and maintains the bio-activity after hydration.

2. Margarine: Maintains fine and stable water-oil dispersion.Improves plasticity.Prevents splashing during frying.

3. Shortening: Adjusts oil crystal.Improves stability and whipping strength

4. Whipping cream: shortens whipping time.Improves foam volume and structure.Creates a nice and stiff foams.

5. Coffee-mate: Gives a more uniform fat globule size distribution resulting in improved whitening effect and dissloves in whater well.

6. Cake emulsifier: Enlarges cake volume.Improves cake texture and paste stability.Prolongs shelf life.

7. Cake: Enlarges cake volume.Improves cake texture.Prolongs shelf life.

8. Ice cream: Promotes emulsifying if dairy fat.Prevents thick ice crystal.Improves mouth feel and shape retention. Increases bulging rate

9. Confections and chocolate: Improves oils and fat dispersion.Decreases cyrup viscosity and adjusts crystallization of confections.

10. Span 20 40 60 80: Used as W/O emulsion explosive, preparation agent of textile, emulgator of artesian well weighted mud and producing of food and cosmetic, dispersant in beaded paint, stabilizer of itanium dioxide, insecticide, wetting agent and emulgator in pesticide, cosolvent of oil production, antirust of slushing oil, lubricant and softening agent of textile and leather.



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      Span 40,Sorbitan palmitate,Sorbitan monopalmitate,CAS 26266-57-9
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