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Soybean Lecithin
Soybean Lecithin Medical grade
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  • Quality Standard:

    Food, Feed, Pharma, Industrial grade
  • Packing:

    Solid: 20kg/carton or drum Liquid: 200kg/drum
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Main function of Lecithin on pharma field

Used for neurasthenia, hardening of the arteries
- Maintain body colloidal solution stability of the essential material.
- Stop cholesterol in intrahepatic deposit, prevent kind of lipid in blood serum detention or to penetrate to the vascular intima, reduce atherosclerosis.
- The main ingredients to constitute the nervous tissue, especially cerebrospinal.
- Important raw material of red blood cells and other cell membrane, and can promote the growth and development of red blood cells.



Appearance               Light yellow liquid or yellow powder

Specification              45% ~ 90% USP/NF 1990

* Please refer to the Technical Data Sheet for detailed specification



1) Lecithin has the emulsification, dispersion, to infiltration and wetting characteristics, and has a strong affinity to the skin and mucous membrane.

2) Lecithin can be used as dispersant, wetting agent, emulsifier, stabilizer, transdermal promoter, precursor preparation carrier agent, etc. In the medicament,

3) Widely used in liquid preparation (injection, liposomes, emulsion, etc. ), solid preparation (tablets, capsules, granules, etc. ), semi-solid preparations (cream preparation, suppositories, etc. ) and the preparation of precursor drugs.



1) 200kgs net weight steel drums(small mouth & top open)
- Small mouth :1x20 fcl can load 98 drums( two layer standing and one layer sleep), with 19.6tons total.
- Top open: 1x20 fcl can load 80 drums ( two layer standing ), with 16 tons total
2) 20 liters Portable plastic drums, with 12 tons total.
3) 200kgs HDPE drums:1x20 fcl can load 80 drums ( two layer standing ), with 16 tons total.
4) 1MT IBC drums:1X20fcl can load 20 IBC drums, with 20tons total.
5) Flexi bag packing with 22 tons total.
6) 25kg/fiber drum or bags for powder.

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      Soybean Lecithin Medical grade
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