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Sodium sulfite suppliers
Sodium sulfite
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    99% min
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    1,000 kgs

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Sodium sulfite (CAS 7757-83-7) is white crystalline or powder form; triangular prism crystal shape; alkaline water solution with pH at 99.5; The highest water solubility is about 28% with temperature at 33.4°C. When exposed to air, it is oxidized to form sodium sulfate. When heated to high temperature, it decomposes to form sodium sulfide; Density: 2.633(15.4°C), Refractive Index: 1.565; Molecular Weight: 126.04.

Sodium sulfite(Na2SO3)%≥       98           97
Fe,%≤                                      0.003     0.003
Water-Insoluble%≤                  0.01       0.02
Free alkali(as Na2CO3),%≤      0.001     0.1
Sulfate(as Na2SO4),%≤           1.2         2.5

Chloride(as NaCl),%≤               0.003     0.1


It is used in dyeing industry as deoxidizer and bleaching agent for a variety of cotton fabric treating and scouring, which can prevent fabrics from local oxidation and deterioration of fibre strength. In photographic industry it is used as a reagent.In organic industry it is used as reducing agent in production of m-phenylenediamine,25-bared oxazolone,amino salicylic acid, etc.Textile industry uses it as a stabilizer for synthetic fibre.Other applications include various uses in paper mills,electronic industry,water treatment etc



25kg bags

25MT/20'GP without pallets,22Mt/20'GP with pallets


Placed in sealed container and kept in a cool and dry place.

Avoid strong vibration, insolation, high temperature, smoke and fire.

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      Sodium sulfite
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