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Sodium lignosulfonate
Sodium Lignosulphonate
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Sodium Lignosulphonate CAS 8061-51-6 ( lignosulfonate ) water reducer are mainly for concrete mixture as water-reducing additive. Low dosage , low air content , water reducing rate is high ,adapt to most kind of cement. Can confected as concrete early-age strength enhancer , concrete retarder , antifreeze , pumping aids etc. Nearly no precipitate product in the liquor additive which is made from The sodium lignosulphonate and Naphthalin-Group High-Efficiency Water Reducer .The sodium Lignosulphonate is fit for apply to building project, dam project, thruway project etc.


Appearance           Light Yellow powder

PH Value               4.5 ~ 6.5
Dry matter            ≥ 92%
* Please refer to Technical Data Sheet for lot specifications data


--In the field of concrete additives, the soduim lignosulphonate series products can be used as common water reducing admixture and built material of series multifunction high-performance water reducing admixtures. The products can be directly adopted as additive in the concrete. Moreover, they also can be compounded with such high performance water reducing admixtures as naphthalene series and melamine series etc.And, they are also ideal materials for series retarding agents and pampling agents etc.

--The sodium lignosulphonate series products can be adopted as the adhesives in the briquetting procedure in the vertical retort zinc smelters.
--The sodium lignosulphonate series products can be used as embryo reinforcing agents in the fields of pottery and porcelain and refractory materials. They can increase the fluidity of the slurry and thus to improve the strength of the embroyo.
-- In the field of water-coal paste, the sodium lignosulphonate series products can be adopted as the main materials.
-- In agriculture, the sodium lignosulphonate series products can be applied as the dispersant agents of pesticides and pelleting adhesives of fertilizers and feedstuffs.


25kg/bags x480bags=12tons/1x20' FCL

25kg/bags x960bags=24tons/1x40' FCL


Stored in cool and airy place; away from fire and heat; handle with care;no breakage, avoid leakage.

* Please refer to MSDS for more information about Safety, Storage and Transportation.
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      Sodium Lignosulphonate
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