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  • Sodium iodide NaI

    Sodium iodide NaI CAS 7681-82-5

    Sodium iodide (chemical formula NaI) is the salt of sodium and iodide. It is a white, crystalline solid that is used mainly as a nutritional supplement and in organic chemistry. It is produced industrially by acidic iodides and sodium hydroxide. Sodium iodide exists in white crystalline powder, hygroscopic. Very soluble in water, freely soluble in alcohol.

  • PTSI CAS 4083-64-1

    P-Toluenesulfonyl isocyanate PTSI CAS 4083-64-1

    P-Toluenesulfonyl isocyanate PTSI CAS 4083-64-1 is clear, colorless liquid, insoluble in water. P-Toluenesulfonyl isocyanate (PTSI) can be used as solvent, and filler, pigments such as dehydrating agent and effectively applied to the wet curing one-component and conventional two-component polyurethane coating system.

  • Natamycin

    Natamycin CAS 7681-93-8

    Natamycin CAS 7681-93-8, known as Pimaricin, is a white to yellow flavourless, odourless crystalline powder. It not only inhibits the growth of different moulds and yeasts, but also inhibits the production of their toxin.The solubility of Natamycin is very low in water and in most organic solvents.

  • Propylene carbonate pharma grade

    Propylene carbonate CAS 108-32-7

    Propylene carbonate CAS 108-32-7 (often abbreviated PC) is an organic compound with the formula CH3C2H3O2CO. This colorless and odorless liquid is useful as a polar, aprotic solvent. Propylene carbonate is chiral but is used exclusively as the racemic mixture. It is soluble in water and carbon tetrachloride, and ethyl ether, chloroform, acetone, benzene and other immiscible.

  • Chloramphenicol vet grade

    Chloramphenicol CAS 56-75-7

    Chloramphenicol CAS 56-75-7 is an antibiotic useful for the treatment of a number of bacterial infections. This includes meningitis, plague, cholera, and typhoid fever. Its use is only recommended when safer antibiotics cannot be used. Chloramphenicol is white to grey-white crystalline powder.

  • N-Methylacetamide

    N-Methylacetamide NMA CAS 79-16-3

    N-Methylacetamide NMA CAS 79-16-3 is white needle-like crystals or Liquid. Dissolved in water, ethanol, benzene, ether, chloroform. It is an important chemical intermediate in the chemical production, also is an solvent in organic synthesis.

  • Pyrogallol

    Pyrogallol CAS 87-66-1

    Pyrogallol CAS 87-66-1 is odorless white powdler, and used to analyze and determine oxygen, food etc. One can find its uses in hair dying, dying of suturing materials and for oxygen absorption in gas analysis. It also has antiseptic properties. 

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  • Methylene chloride

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  • Methylene chloride

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