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  • Acrolein

    Acrolein CAS 107-02-8

    Acrolein CAS 107-02-8 is mainly used in producing insecticide and imidacloprid in pesticide industry, dibromopropanal in pharmaceutical industry, feed additive methionine. Acrolein can be used in acrylic coating; Acrolein can be mainly used as oilfield water injection fungicides to inhibit the growth of bacteria.

  • Hydroxypropylmethyl cellulose

    HPMC Hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose CAS 9004-65-3

    HPMC Hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose CAS 9004-65-3 is a semisynthetic polymer used as an ophthalmic lubricant, as well as an excipient and controlled-delivery component in oral medicaments. As a food additive, hypromellose is an emulsifier, thickening and suspending agent, and an alternative to animal gelatin.

  • Disodium Copper EDTA

    Disodium Copper EDTA CAS 39208-15-6

    Disodium Copper EDTA CAS 39208-15-6 is blue crystalline powder and soluble in water, easily lose crystal water when heated. Metal exists in chelated form. EDTA Cu Na2 is used for the trace elements in agriculture, as a colorant in the food industry, food additive.

  • Dimethyl Carbonate DMC

    Dimethyl Carbonate DMC CAS 616-38-6

    Dimethyl carbonate DMC CAS 616-38-6 is an organic compound with the formula OC(OCH3)2. It is a colourless, flammable liquid. This compound has found use as a methylating agent and more recently as a solvent. Dimethyl carbonate is often considered to be a green reagent. At any proporion, it can be mixed with such organic solvents as alcohol, ketone, ester, etc., but it is slightly soluble in water.

  • Diethylene Glycol Diethyl Ether CAS 112-36-7

    Diethylene Glycol Diethyl Ether DGDE CAS 112-36-7

    Diethylene Glycol Diethyl Ether (DGDE) CAS 112-36-7 is colourless liquid. Freezing point 44.3 ℃, boiling point 188 ℃, relative density 0.907 (20/4 ℃), refractive index of 1.4115. Flash point 54 ℃. Miscibility with most of the alcohols, ketones, ethers, halogenated hydrocarbon, can miscibility with water at room temperature.

  • Guanidine carbonate

    Guanidine Carbonate CAS 593-85-1

    Guanidine Carbonate CAS 593-85-1 is white crystalline powder. It can decompose at 190ºC, dissolve in water, slightly in ethanol. It is a strong organic alkaline and, strong moisture absorption,easy bibulous deliquescence. Guanidine carbonate can be used as pH regulator for the amino-resin, antioxidant and stabilizer for resin. It can also be used in guanidine soaps, cosmetics, organic synthesis and others.

  • Tert Butylhydroquinone

    Tert-Butylhydroquinone TBHQ CAS 1948-33-0

    Tert-Butylhydroquinone TBHQ CAS 1948-33-0 is an aromatic organic compound. It is mainly use as food additives and PVC anti agent. It is a kind of white to pale gray crystal or crystalline powder with a slight, unpleasant odor, which is dissolved in ethanol, acetic acid, ethyl ester, isopropyl alcohol, ether, and vegetable oil, lard, hardly soluble in water.

  • CAS 143-24-8

    Tetraethylene glycol dimethyl ether TEGDME CAS 143-24-8

    Tetraethylene glycol dimethyl ether TGDE CAS 143-24-8 (also called tetraglyme) is a polar aprotic solvent with excellent chemical and thermal stability. Its high boiling point and stability makes it an ideal candidate for separation processes and high temperature reactions.It is widely used as reaction solvent, medium, non-polluted cleaning agent, extractant, diluent, auxiliary and resin solvent.

  • CAS 79-34-5

    1,1,2,2-Tetrachloroethane CAS 79-34-5

    1,1,2,2-Tetrachloroethane CAS 79-34-5 is a chlorinated derivative of ethane. It has the highest solvent power of any chlorinated hydrocarbon. It was once widely used as a solvent and as an intermediate in the industrial production of trichloroethylene, tetrachloroethylene, and 1,2- dichloroethylene.

  • Guanidine thiocyanate

    Guanidine thiocyanate CAS 593-84-0

    Guanidine thiocyanate CAS 593-84-0 is white crystalline powder, melting point of 120-122 ℃ (lit.). Stable,but light sensitive. Guanidinium thiocyanate (GITC) is a chemical compound used as a general protein denaturant, being a chaotropic agent, although it is most commonly used in the extraction of DNA and RNA.