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Povidone K17
Povidone K17 with Molecular Weight 10000-13000 from TNJ Chemical
  • CAS No.:

  • Molecular Formula:

  • Quality Standard:

    USP26 | USP36 | EP7.0
  • Packing:

    25kg/fiber drum 40kg/plastic drum
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Where to find the regular production of Povidone K17 from China?

Povidone K17 is low viscosity Povidone compared to other Povidones. Its molecular weight ranges from about 10000-13000. It is easily dissolve in water,alcohol and other organic solvents.They are highly hygroscopicity, excellent film-forming capacity,adhesiveness and chemical stability,none toxicity.

Compared with Povidone K30 K90 K25, rare manufacturers would like to produce Povidone K17 regularly because its market share is low. But by taking advantage of it high quality and mature marketing, TNJ Chemical is the only one in China supplying Povidone K17 regularly and mature in quality stability.

Specification of Povidone K17

Application of Povidone K17

Low molecular weight PVP-K, often used as a solubilizing agent, crystallization inhibitor and suspension stabilizer in injection and ophthalmic formulations such as PVP K12,K15,K17.
Medium Molecular PVP-K, often used as binder in tablets,capsules and granules, as a stabilizer for oral suspensions,film-forming agent,solubilizing agent, dispersant for pigments, as an enzyme stabilizer and to improve bioavailability such as PVP K25,K30.
High molecular PVP-K, as highly effective binder, often used as stabilizer in oral and topical suspension, as a thickener, hydropylizing agent such as PVP K90.

In Cosmetic Industry
PVP-K are used widely in a wide range in hair care, skin care & oral care products.The products are particularly suitable for formulations where viscosity modification and film forming properties are required. PVP-K products are particularly suited to hair styling products. The medium molecular weights such as PVP K30 are preferred where viscosity is critical in applications, for example, spray. The higher molecular weight products such as PVP K90 are the best choice where high viscosity are required in applications. PVP-K is widely used in cosmetics as followings
   *Hair Gels
   *Hair mousses
   *Liquid hair setting preparations
   *Pump Sprays

Industrial Application

   * Suspensant, disperser and emulsifier                          

   * Glass fiber

   * Detergent                                                              

   * Plastics and resin

   * Ink, paint and coating

   * Textile dying and printing                                         

   * Film and adhesive                                                                

   * TV tube


25kg/fiber or cardboard drum

9000kg/20"FCL (unpalletised / palletised) (18drum/pallet)
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      Povidone K17 with Molecular Weight 10000-13000 from TNJ Chemical
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