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Potassium tetrafluoroborate
Potassium fluoborate CAS 14075-53-7
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Potassium Fluoroborate is white powder.Density: 2.50g/cm3. Melting point: 530 C. Slightly soluble in cold water, hot alcohol and ether, insoluble in alkaline fluid, resolved by strong acid into BF3, melting with alkaline metal and carbonate intofluoride and borate.


KBF4,%                   ≥98.0

Chloride(Cl),%        ≤0.25

Phosphate(PO4),% ≤0.01

Sulfate(SO4),%       ≤0.10

Iron(Fe),%              ≤0.005

Silicate(SiO2),%      0.01

Heavy Metal(Pb),% ≤0.10



Potassium tetrafluoroborate is used as a flux in the metal processing, surface treatment, and in the manufacture of aluminum, titanium and boron alloys. It is also used as a component for the fabrication of grinding wheel and abrasive disc to reduce the operating temperature, as a fire retardant for cotton and artificial fiber, and an erodent for the removal of exposed lead circuit board.


In a plastic Bag inner layer and a woven bag as external layer, 25/50/1000kgs per bag, or according to the buyer’s requirement. Suitable for long distance transportation.

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      Potassium fluoborate CAS 14075-53-7
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