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Potassium bromide suppliers
Potassium bromide
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    Pharma | Tech | Photo
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    25kg/fiber drum
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Potassium bromide CAS 7758-02-3 is white crystal, no smell, bitter taste; relative gravity: 2.75(25/4°C); melting point:734°C; boiling point: 1435°C; soluble in water and glycerol; lightly soluble in alcohol and ether.


Item                            Industrial grade                     Medical grade                     Photo grade

Appearance             White powder or crystal        White powder or crystal    White powder or crystal
Content                       98.0%min                               99% min                             99.5% min
Loss on drying            1%max                                    0.5% max                            0.3% max
Chloride                      ≤ 3.0%                                    0.5% max                            0.2% max
PH                               5.5-8.5                                    5.5-8.5                                 5.5-8.5


- Industrial grade: carving, stone printing;

- Pharmaceutical grade: sedative;
- Phtography grade: photographic film.


25kg/fiber drum


Placed in sealed container and kept in a cool and dry place.

Avoid strong vibration, insolation, high temperature, smoke and fire.
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      Potassium bromide
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