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Polyacrylamide PAM

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Polyacrylamide(PAM) is a white powder or granule. Polyacrylamide is a kind of macromolecule polymer. It is not soluble in some organic solvents. Provided with a good flocculability, Polyacrylamide can lower the friction resistance betweem liquids. As a highly-effective flocculability, small usage of this material can purify a few times of water compared with other flocculants. Polyacrylamide is devided with anionic Polyacrylamide, cationic Polyacrylamide and nonionic Polyacrylamide. They are widely used in water treatment including sewage water, drinking water and industry water treatment.

Physical Properties

Polyacrylamide, existed in powder form or granule form, is a white material and freely soluble in water. Polyacrylamide is not soluble in some organic solvents such as alcohol, acetone. benzene, toluene, xylene or gasoline.



Appearance                                  White or yellowish powder

Degree of charge, (mol/mol) %    15-20
Molecular Weight, 106                  >8
Solid content %                            ≥88
Residual Acrylamide, ppm             250max


Polyacrylamide(PAM) is devided into anionic PAM, cationic PAM and nonionic PAM. According to specified application field, each solution should be provided in detail. The main uses are as following.

Polyacrylamide, as a flocculant, can be widely used in industrial waste water,mixed industrial-domestic wastewater, sewage and drinking water treatment. Also, its application areas include the following fields for its solid-liquid separation property:Petroleum, metallurgy, electric power, chemical industry, papermaking, printing and dyeing, coal, tanning, pharmaceutical, food, stone,and so on.




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