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PCE Perchloroethylene

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Perchloroethylene CAS 127-18-4 is colorless transparent liquid. Miscible with alcohol, ether, chloroform, benzene, hexane. It dissolves in most of the fixed and volatile oils. Solubility in water: 0.015 g/100 ml at 25℃.
It slowly decomposes in water to yield Trichloroacetic and Hydrochloric acids.


-Melting Point:   -22℃

-Boiling Point:    120~122℃
-Flashing Point: 27.4℃
-Density:           1.625 g/mL at 25℃
-Solubility in water:  <0.1mg/ml
-Refractive index:    1.505
-Vapor pressure:    19.3mmHg at 25℃
-Vapor density:       5.83 (vs air)


1) Dry Cleaning Grade

Appearance               Colorless transparent liquid without impurities emulsified and suspended particles
Color, Pt-Co               ≤15
Density,ρ20               1.620 ~ 1.624g/cm3
Water                        ≤50ppm
Non Volatile Matter   ≤10ppm

Alkalinity as NaOH     ≤30ppm

PH Value                    8.0 ~ 9.0

Assay                        ≥99.90%


2) Catalyst Grade
Appearance             Colorless transparent liquid without suspension and sediment
Color, Pt-Co             ≤10
Density,ρ20             1.620 ~ 1.628 g/cm3
Water                      ≤ 30ppm
Non Volatile Matter  ≤10ppm
Stabilizers                ≤5ppm
PH Value                  6.0 ~ 7.5

Oxygen and             ≤10ppm

Chlorine                   ≤1ppm
Free Chlorine            Pass test
Assay                      ≥99.99%


1) Mainly used as organic solvent, dry cleaning agent and metal degreaser as well as anthelmintic.

2) It can be applied to all kinds of nature and synthetic fabrics as a dry cleaner, and the fabric will be soft, glossy, odorless, fade proof, in shape and free of damage after being washed.
3) Used as fatty extracting and the raw material for HCFC-123. CFC-124,CFC-125,HCFC-134a etc.

4) It is mainly used for the chloride catalyst in the process of oil refining.


300kgs/Iron drum

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