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Palatinose/Isomaltulose CAS 58166-27-1
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Product Name:  Palatinose

Other Name:    6-O-alpha-D-Glucopyranosyl-D-fructofuranose; Isomaltulose

CAS:                 58166-27-1

Formula:        C12H22O114

Palatinose/Isomaltulose properties

- Low sweetness;

- Low calorie;

- Low viscosity;

- Low water activity;

- Good moisture retention;

- Non-fermentation;

- Heat endurance.


Isomaltulose has already been used as a sucrose substitute in a number of beverage products. Exchanging sucrose with 2. Isomaltulose means that the products will keep our glycemic index and blood sugar level low which is healthier. As a result, 3. Isomaltulose has been known to be used in health drinks, energy drinks, and artificial sugars for diabetic patient.


250g/Bag, 500g/Bag, 1kg/Bag, 5kg/Bag25kg/drum or as per customer's requirement

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      Palatinose/Isomaltulose CAS 58166-27-1
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